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Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Hi Everyone,

It's great to have you here. 

In early 2020, after many years with a traditional relationship to alcohol, this mother-daughter trio started exploring 'mindful drinking' and living alcohol-free. In our own ways, we found new connections with drinking that left us refreshed, excited for life and simply, more well. 

Though some of us fully sunset our consumption of alcohol-containing beverages, our love for the ritual of eating and drinking around dinner tables, at parties or simply on a Tuesday night, remained strong. It was at that time, we decided to find alcohol-free beverages to continue the old traditions. 

After a number of trips to various stores, a few brands became the go-to for brunches, dinners and parties. But convenience and selection was strained. Visiting four stores in one day, is the opposite of convenient and after a while, we grew tired of the same tastes. We wanted the same excitement we used to have for choosing a new brand of wine or craft beer, or picking up a new spirit to build a cocktail from memory. 

After, the three of us reached a career crossroads in early 2021, the idea for Sansorium was born. But we were not the first to create a marketplace of alcohol-free beverages. A few had popped up in Canada and around the world since the start of 2020 –– and that was affirming to see others were on the same path. However, a space that was open to both those drinking alcohol and those who don't, seemed to be unchartered. So here we are. Pleasure and leisure first; how you get there, on your terms.

We're here as a marketplace of no and low-alcohol beverages for you to add to your livelihood, your celebration, your days off, or your days on. We curate wine, beer, spirits and concoctions, from around the world, for this one-stop-shop –– so you don't have to search like we did. 

We test everything before it reaches the site, and our aim is to give you lots of options in flavour, price and design. Because more is always more. 

Product development has come a long way, but we're in the early days of innovation. We hope you join us in creating a mindful relationship with alcohol; so you can get the most out of life, and savour every drop. 

Kathryn, Fiona & Sarah 


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