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We source the best brands from around the world, offering flat-rates, Canada-wide delivery and an invitation for everyone; drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

More is Always More

We believe celebration is not something to be moderated. Instead, we indulge in a way that leaves us refreshed, and rejuvenated — inspired, relaxed, and ready for our next great adventure (or simply the next day).

Sansorium is about chasing a life lived more fully. We believe connecting over delicious beverages should be inclusive; open to all, however you prefer to imbibe.

We are here to

Have our cake & eat it too

Through social rituals of consumption, humans have always sought to deepen and refine connection — to reach new levels of experience by sharing and nurturing our sensory worlds. As we share food, drink, thoughts, and feelings, we enter a space of collective sensorial experience, together. 

Sansorium is here to keep all that, and more.

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