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Taste the Rosé

Taste the Rosé

Reviewing the best bottles of Rosé we have on Sansorium.

Edenvale Sparkling Rosé

Rose petal, redcurrant, and berry aromas greet the drinker of this delicate Rosé, followed by fresh, lively fruit flavours. Juicy and sweet, this sparkling pink wine brings a celebratory spirit to any occasion.

Fiona's Thoughts: "I love bringing this wine to a special event. When you're popping it with the rest of them, it just feels good. Then you taste it. And it's beautiful. Crisp, lightly sweet, poppy, addictive – you know, like, in the best way."

Edenvale Still Rosé

Rose petal, redcurrant, and berry aromas greet the drinker of this delicate Rosé, followed by well-balanced strawberry and red fruit flavours on the palate. Juicy and sweet, this is a rosy pink wine with a lingering, delicious aftertaste.

Fiona's Thoughts: "So you're not feeling too flashy, but you've got the feels for something lush. This very-easy-to-drink rosé is no doubt a year-round beverage, but take it from me, you'll want a few bottles in fridge for that last minute Tuesday night BBQ your friend planned."

Edenvale Pink Moscato

Naturally sweet, bubbly, and delicious, this romantic pink Moscato is a delicately celebratory drink. Flavours of rose petal and Turkish delight are lifted on the palate by a light, delicate fizz.

Fiona's Thoughts: "I've never tasted anything like it. The notes of rose and Turkish delight make this purely interesting. Not to mention, the slight bubbles (not full sparkling) just waken up the flavours a little more. If I want to surprise someone, I'll bring this. Makes me look cool."

Le Petit Chavin Sparkling Rosé

Hailing from the French countryside, we imagine sipping this on a beautiful farm while the sun drenches the air. If you're a lover of natural wine flavours, this rosé is for you. A Chardonnay Merlot blend, its pale pink body delicately persists with bubbles.

Fiona's Thoughts: "A wine connoisseur empathically described this wine as "Farmy!" and I haven't found a better way to talk to it since then. If you love the funk of natural wine, you'll love this French beauty."

Le Petit Chavin Rosé

A Chardonnay Merlot blend, this brilliant rosé brings intense aromas of red fruits & a fresh palette. Alcohol-free, vegan and three time less calorific than traditional wine, the beauty is also in the over abundance of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, contained naturally in the grapes.

Fiona's Thoughts: "Take the sparkling version, and simplify it. If you don't like the bubbles – brilliant, here you go. This pairs so well for a charcuterie night. Bring the fanciest adornments, I mean it, go all out. And then open this bottle, it will slide in nicely."

Zera Organic Sparkling Rosé

Zéra organics low intervention sparkling rosé is a bright blend of chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon grape kernel extracts that breathe redcurrant, blackcurrant and raspberry notes.

Fiona's Thoughts: "If you're someone who is sensitive to sulphites, or any kind of preservative, meet Zera, your new best-wine-friend. This is one of a few organic wines we have (noted, we're planning on bringing in more) and it will leave you fresh the next day. Yes, quite literally." 

Sangre de Toro Rosé

Refresh and uplift with this delicious, clean-tasting rosé. Floral, fruity aromas create a drinking experience that's light, luscious, indulgent, and sweet. An ideal alcohol-free aperitif.

Fiona's Thoughts: "An off-dry Spanish rosé, pour this at brunch with any delicious savoury meal and you won't be disappointed. I can see a Flamenco dance starting because of this wine. Sangre de Toro have been traditionally winemaking since the early 50's, so I trust they know how to turn the finest Mediterranean grape into a 0% delicacy."

TÖST Sparkling Rosé

    White tea, ginger, and elderberry mingle in this delicious, all-natural non-alcoholic beverage. Delicately effervescent bubbles make for a celebratory, refreshing drinking experience perfect for any occasion. 

    Fiona's Thoughts: "Last but certainly not least, this sparkling tea-based beverage is perfect for anyone who doesn't actually like the taste of wine. I get it. There were a ton of alcoholic wines I wouldn't drink because I didn't enjoy the taste. Not my story anymore! This is a favourite of many customers, for good reason. Try it for yourself and let me know in the comments below."

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