Our One Year Anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary

We made it.

A year ago today, we launched Sansorium. Our best foot forward at a design-conscious, lifestyle-driven, community-minded marketplace that centred the curation of non-alcoholic beverages from around the world. 

And we're really proud with how far we've come in 365 days. We've hosted over 50+ pop-ups; were featured in numerous publications, breakfast TV shows and radio stations; completed thousands of orders, popped a ton of bubbly, and made friends with so many of you in person and online in Canada. 

We're simply grateful that you welcomed us. We didn't know if you'd be as excited about non-alcoholic beverages as we are, but more times than not, you surprised us. There are more people living alcohol-free, choosing it now, or are going at it half the time and it's showed us, this business is needed more and more every day. 

So we're not slowing down. We can't wait to launch three big updates this week. Join our email list and follow us on instagram to be the first one to know what's coming to Sansorium. 

Sarah holds a bottle of alcohol-removed Edenvale Blanc de Blanc on a picnic blanket with a Sansorium bag at her feet.

What are we drinking today?

We're drinking from one of the world's greatest alcohol-removed wineries, hailing from Australia, our friends at Edenvale. We are indulging well today, and you should too. 

Kathryn's Choice

The 2021 Premium Reserve Blanc de Blanc, alcohol-removed. Winning Bronze at IWSC and Gold at the Best Wine Awards, this stunning bottle encapsulates effervescent greatness in a bottle. With white peach, citrus, apricot and complex oak, you'll want to finish this bottle in one sitting – and you can.

Fiona's Choice

Winning gold at IWSC in 2022, the Premium Reserve alcohol-removed Sparkling Shiraz is the only one in the world of its kind (hence why she likes it). It's rich, full bodied and complex. It's one of our best sellers for a reason, go find out why. 


Sarah's Choice

Sarah loves the arid, yet balmy weather that produces the Macabeo grape in the Expedition Series Sparkling Cuvee. Fruit forward, yet acidic on the finish, this sparkling white is ultra pleasant on a hot day. 

Kathryn, Fiona & Sarah walk through the grass.

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