Wedding Season In Full Swing

Wedding Season In Full Swing

After many postponed nuptials over the last two years, is your summer full of wedding invites? We’re a culture that *loves* love. Weddings are held dear to many people and they also traditionally centre alcohol. If you’re someone who would like to attend the celebration without the booze, it's totally normal to feel apprehensive about what it will be like when many people will be using it to break through awkward surface chat, ease the dance floor nerves or make a boring date more exciting 😉 

Here’s a few ways to centre your well-being at a wedding this season! 

1. Bring a date that you really enjoy or feel comfortable with.

Nothing is worse than feeling like you have to make small talk with your plus one. Understandably, it would make alcohol pretty attractive to drown out those awkward silences. Bring a date that you can converse effortessly with, who matches you on the dance floor, or also doesn’t drink alcohol so you can lean on the age-old buddy system. 

2. Before the event, set an intention for the next day.

Do you want to wake up feeling rested and hydrated? Do you want to make it to that workout? Do you want to spend quality time with your family? Having an intention that you’re really vested in makes your choices feel really good.

3. As the old adage goes: dance like no one’s watching.

A lot of people will turn to booze to “let their hair down”. Often, it’s so they can get on the dance floor and shake it. If you’re nervous that you won’t have the juice to “get loose”, just go for it. Starting is the first step. And keep in mind, people generally remember how you made them feel. If you were living your best life on the dance floor, chances are you raised the vibe and inspired them to do the same. Collectively, you *made* that party, so forget about judgement and just bust it like Elaine would.

4. BYOB 

If you used to be one of those guests who couldn't wait to throw back a glass, or two, or four, we wouldn't recommend going in cold and trying to stick with water or pop. You could try and find out if there's going to be non-alcoholic wine, beer and cocktails there, or...better yet...offer to bring your own. The venue may charge a corkage fee, but it's a bit of a grey area, so we've seen venues waive it for non-alcoholic beverages. 

Here's a curation of the best easy-to-bring, zero-proof beverages to a wedding. 

1. The Expedition Series Sparkling Cuvee by @edenvalewines

Pop this bottle when it's time to toast the happy couple and no one's going to question what you're drinking. In fact, they may want to get in on what you're throwing back. 

2. Edna's Paloma by @ednascocktails

Swing around the dance floor with one (or four!) of these delicious beauties. Crafted with real flavours and real ingredients, Edna's is fast being recognized as one of the best canned cocktails in the game. 

3. Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz by @edenvalewines

Second to the couple of the hour, will be this showstopper. This is the only non-alcoholic Sparkling Shiraz in the world, and it takes home awards for it's full-bodied mouthfeel and premium quality.

4. Leitz Sparkling Rosé by @weingutleitz

Rosé in the summer is never a bad idea. Capturing the romance of a wedding is the Leitz Sparkling Rosé. A beautiful German blend of Merlot, Portugieser and Pinot Noir with tantalising bubbles and a cool, pale strawberry and raspberry, dry finish. 

5. Bavarian Helles Lager by @nirvanabrewco

Looking for the best craft bottled beer? Look no further. Nirvana's Bavarian Helles Lager is award-winning for good reason. It's a full-bodied, golden lager, with round biscuit notes and a classically dry, and lightly bitter finish.

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