Women-Owned Non-Alcoholic Brands on Sansorium

Women-Owned Non-Alcoholic Brands on Sansorium

As a women-owned business, it's one of our company missions to support women from our own town to around the globe. Here are 5 features of women-owned non-alcoholic businesses that we love having on Sansorium – and do exceptionally well at what they do.   

1. Le Petit Chavin @lepetitchavin

Two wine lovers joined forces to create Pierre Chavin, a wine merchant with the ambition of revolutionising wine tasting. Mathilde Boulachin, Founder of Pierre Chavin, raised in Champagne, had the vision 10 years ago to develop a non-alcoholic alternative to wine. Today, they export to over 55 countries, lead the French alcohol-free category, taking home Best Alcohol-Free Wine Producer in France in 2020.


2. Oddbird @oddbird

Moa Gürbüzer saw the detriments of alcohol to individuals and communities as a therapist and social worker for 20 years. In 2013, she left social work to start Oddbird, with the vision to change social norms. Today, Oddbird is an award-winning brand, the largest producer of wines liberated from alcohol in Scandinavia, and certaintly one of the hottest brands at Sansorium that we can barely keep on the shelves.


3. Noughty by Thomson & Scott @noughtyaf

Founder of Noughty, Amanda Scott, launched her first organic, vegan, low-in-sugar, Prosecco back in 2016. Not only has the product taken home countless awards, Thomson & Scott are also a Certified B Corporation, furthering their commitment to a sustainable supply chain and ethically sound production of their non-alcoholic wines.


4. Wild Folk @drinkwildfolk 

Dalia Kohen, former owner of The Coup in Calgary, is the founder of Wild Folk, a ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic cocktail that's launched just in time for RTD season. With more sunny days on the near horizon, her Vermouth Spritz and Sparkling Negroni are equally stunning and unique. 


5. Grüvi @getgruvi

Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Anika Sawni, has co-created a non-alcoholic beer and wine beverage line that makes afternoons sweet and special occasions easy. Grüvi have made non-alcoholic products widely available across Canada and the US, and we can't wait to see what change-maker moves they launch next. 

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