High-End Dinner Series x Sansorium

High-End Dinner Series x Sansorium

Excited to share our latest collaboration with another entrepreneurial sister duo in Vancouver. Find out who!

People getting liberated is our shared vision.

Born out of a desire to see the world a little differently, feel more alive, and live a little longer, Sansorium exists to inspire a new kind of lifestyle; one in which alcohol plays a minor role, if it appears at all.

With that in mind, it was no surprise that another entrepreneurial sister duo, the Stolbie Sisters, would find us at our first pop-up back in October and instantly find so much in common.

Known as “The Witches of Grasstown”, Tamu and Zia are trailblazers in the emerging cannabis and psychedelics industries. Stolbie Sisters aim to normalise plant medicines, end stigma, advocate and educate in functional integration and use for the intrigued and exploratory consumer.

Stolbie Sisters have done this by providing their audience with consistency through maintaining established trust. They’ve done this by bringing lifestyle and integral culture elements to the mainstream in an organic way; building the foundation for 'Hollyweed North' right here in British Columbia and specifically Vancouver, Canada (home of BC Bud) and beyond. Stolbie Sisters have chosen to connect their faces as entrepreneurs both inside and outside the first federally legalised G7 cannabis industry in the world, as consultants and people of influence in the space to showcase a normalised outlook of the elements that connect these worlds.

Both our passions lie in rituals, celebrating the good times; in savouring every moment and creating inclusive spaces. We’re both about keeping the pleasure and indulgence of leisure rituals alive in a way that honours our mental, physical and emotional selves; ultimately living a life that services our greater goals.

We both represent some amazing brands and decided to bring our creative juices (literally) together and craft some cocktails together!

Canabis-infused, alcohol-free cocktails; the best of both worlds!

To make these cocktails, we worked with a new cannabis-infused sparkling beverage from BRZY (@feelbrzy). All drinks are made with pure sparkling spring water infused with 20 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC. 

We turned to some of our favourite brands: The Free Spirits Company, Leitz Eins Zwei Zero, and the Split Tree Company to make some pretty special drinks.

No.1 The BRZY Wine Spritzer 

A wine spritzer is an effortless way to bring some spark into your step. 

Take any wine or cocktail glass and do a 1:1 pour of your favourite alcohol-free still rosé and the BRZY Apple and Hibiscus sparkling spring water. 



2.5oz Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Rosé
2.5oz BRZY Apple and Hibiscus Sparkling Spring Water
.5 cup of Ice (optional - but expresses the carbonation further!) 


If you're down with ice, add it to your wine or cocktail glass first. Pour in your still Rosé and top with BRZY Apple & Hibiscus Sparkling Water and sip; it's that easy. 

No.2 The BRZY G&T

Bring this to us any day in Spring or Summer. It's airy, crisp and inspires a free-to-be state. 


2oz of Free Spirits Spirit of Gin
4oz BRZY Peach & Basil Sparkling Spring Water
Fresh Basil & Lemon Peel for Garnish


Add the 2oz of Free Spirits Gin to a glass and top with a chilled BRZY Peach & Basil. Garnish with fresh basil and a lemon peel for the added fragrance.

No.3 The BRZY Bourbon Sour 

This take on a classic pour is our not-so-secret favourite. You can play with the levels of Split Tree Sour depending on how sour you like it. But this is so refreshing with a juicy amount of bite. 



2oz Free Spirits, Spirit of Bourbon

.5oz Split Tree Sour Mix
1oz of Egg White or Aquafaba
BRZY Yuzu & Ginger Sparkling Spring Water


Add Spirit of Bourbon & Split Tree Sour Mix to a cocktail shaker

Add Egg White or Aquafaba to the shaker and do 15-20 seconds of strong shaking

Strain into a large cocktail glass

Top with BRZY Yuzu & Ginger Sparkling Spring Water


Want a taste?

The High-End Dinner Series by Stolbie Sisters is hosting a pop-up at The Drive Canteen on Thursday February 17th from 4:20-5:20pm for '4:20 Happy Hour' and we'll be showcasing these three infused non-alcoholic cocktails made with the brands that both our companies represent.




The High-End Dinner Series combines elevated infused cannabis dining experiences paired with entertainment and an educational lean. From chill pop-ups to full-course dinners and more.


Welcome to your new ritual.

Inspired by relaxing, laid-back, good times, chilled-out, easy socializing, always sunny, always ready, naturally clean, vacation-ready vibes. Find Your Ritual 

All drinks are made with pure sparkling spring water infused with 20 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC.

*BRZY content collab with licensed cannabis retailer Canapa Sky 


Sansorium, the Canada-wide marketplace, curating the most premium selection of non-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits and beyond. 


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Photos edited by: @bywendyshep | GG media lab @ggmedialab

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