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Dry February: are we sticking together?

Dry February: are we sticking together?

We've reached the end of Dry January. Did you try going alcohol-free for the month?

How are you feeling? How many mornings did you wake up with a clear head? Did you notice any improvements in your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being? 

If you didn't try it, would you like to try Dry Feb? Dry Feb is a Canadian fundraiser that challenges you to go alcohol-free in February and raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It's also the "Dry Jan" for other hotspots around the world like Australia.

To check out the challenge and fundraise go here:

We're here to offer some ideas for taking February off from alcohol. 

1. Do it with someone. Someone you can put 2-3 dates in the calendar with and experience nights out without being the only one at the table not drinking alcohol. 

2. Actively engage in more positive language around going alcohol-free. Instead of "I'm not drinking" try "I'm drinking something else". Instead of "mocktails" try "alcohol-free cocktails". Instead of justifying your decision, speak from a place of power. 

3. When you go out, don't apologize for asking where the alcohol-free drink list is. Ask confidently, and suggest they expand their menu if you see it only has water, pop and juice on it. 

4. Buy the alcohol-free kind of your favourite drinks. Wine, beer, spirits, cocktails?There is so much available and we would love to connect you with some of the best of the best. 

5. Consistent beats consecutive in the long run. For some, drawing a hard line around going alcohol-free for a consecutive number of days is helpful. For others, that actually makes it harder. Consistency doesn't look the same for everyone. Remember: being consistent is about coming back to your intention again and again, no matter how and when. 

Here are some of the hottest drinks on our shop. We'd love to hear how they fit into your life. 



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